Welcome to our CQB Skirmish Parties

The FPS limit for the site is a maximum of 294

To secure a party we require a £30.00 deposit. The remaining £170.00 is payable on the day. Please click below to book online.

Parties may be booked here:

Airsoft is not a dangerous sport as long as rules are adhered to, participants are sensible and wear the correct clothing, (clothing advice sheet). Before playing at the arena for the first time it is mandatory that participants read and complete the site rules, health/fitness to play and GDPR declaration on a consent form. Details are then stored on the company database. Participants are required to complete a new form yearly. All forms are stored for 3 years as is stipulated by our insurer.

Players must be 11 years or over to participate in an airsoft party. 

Based on a cheap hotel, the arena consists of eight rooms which contain a variety of furniture such as beds, chest of drawers, wardrobes, sofas and tables. The play is fast paced and fun with over 20 different game scenarios. We have fans and air conditioning to keep the temperature down to playable levels even in the hottest of weathers.

You may book online here, call 01702 202318 to pay by phone or come and see us in person. We are open 10am-10pm Tuesday-Sunday.

We do not recommend a long break during an airsoft party as the time is limited and we find that most participants are more worried about playing than eating. There will be a short comfort break in the middle of the party with time for a quick snack and drink.