Nerf™ Time is brilliant fun for both the young and the young at heart. We play in our arena, which is based on a cheap hotel, consisting of eight rooms which contain a variety of items of furniture such as beds, chest of drawers, wardrobes, sofas and tables. Two marshalls take care of everyone, providing a quick safety briefing and placing everyone into two teams: red and blue. The play is fast paced and fun with over 20 different game scenarios. We have fans and air-conditioning to keep the temperature down to playable levels even in the hottest of weathers.

We provide Nerf™ guns, Nerf™ darts and safety glasses. All participants must wear their safety glasses at all times whilst in the arena. Staff are DBS checked and there is always a  first aid trained member of staff on site at all times.

Nerf Time is conducted in the following way:

It’s all about the gaming:

A 2-hour session consists of;

A safety briefing, followed by splitting the group into red and blue teams, Nerf™ gun demonstration and handing out safety glasses.
Playing in the arena is for the full two hours, starting at 4pm-6pm on Friday afternoons with a short break in the middle for a quick drink. Jugs of juice are provided at half time.
Nerf™ guns and darts are provided. However, participants may bring their own Nerf™ weapon if they wish.
Safety glasses are provided and must be worn at all times in the arena.